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Centurion Mobile Slot

Play Centurion With 1000% Bonus Up To £1,000

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Centurion Mobile Slots


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Centurion Mobile Slots

Inspired Gaming hooks players up with the historically immersive Roman-themed slot offering 95% RTP, 5 reels, 20 bet lines to play on from as little as £0.20* - £250* for the chance to win the 10,750.00* coin prize! Amigo Slots are proud to host Centurion along with hundreds of other Mobile Slots such as ‘Star Burst’ ‘Fluffy Favourites’ and ‘Bonanza’

Centurion Game Info
RTP 95%
Features Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, Wild
Developer Inspired Gaming
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 20 Paylines

If you haven’t tried out the visual spectacular which is Centurion yet, what are you waiting for? The online slot game by Inspired Gaming was one of the most talked about online slot games on it’s release.

Game Summary

Many of us fell in love with the tales of the romans in school, now, you can reignite your passion and interest in the legendary characters through gameplay. If you’re serious about graphic quality, Centurion comes highly recommended.

Visuals aside, Centurion also knocks it out of the park for the number of bonus features, which as far as we can tell are unparalleled by any other online slot today. If you thought that games such as Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix were generous with the bonus features, you’re going to be in heaven with Centurion.

The online slot keeps the Roman theme running throughout the game, you’ll find roman-inspired characters on the reels and a background which immerses you in the calm serenity of Rome during the roman empire. You may be greeted by battle-ready heroes of the war, but it would seem that all remained peaceful on the day which the background was created.

If you were wondering how the game got its name, a Centurion is what the commander of a small army would be referred to. These small armies were referred to as Centurias. If you happened to skip history class, we’ve got you covered to make sure that you will enjoy the online slot as much as possible.

Their fierce and aggressive reputation earned themselves a spot in the history books, the noble men wouldn’t ever be all too far away from the frontline of battle when the empires around them were falling. The centurions were the ones which donned special helmets with the red mohawk, many people believe that all of the Roman soldiers got to wear these, but this wasn’t the case, they were earned and seen as a mark of respect.

If you’ve watched a fair few Roman TV shows, or films, or still remember the history books, you will be able to see that on the Centurion online slot is incredibly authentic and sets the scenes of Rome perfectly.

Centurion is well suited to all kinds of reel spinners. With a 95% RTP across the 5 reels and 20 different bet ways, it is a solid all-rounder game. The bet ranges also make it easy to choose which bet amount you would like to place, go as little as £0.20* or as high as £250*. Whichever bet amount you play with you can be sure that you will make the most out of your money thanks to the amount of bonus features which are included in Centurion. We’ll run you through the bonus features further down below so you can see exactly what you get with Centurion. But first, let’s set the scene a little better for you.

Centurion Mobile Setup

There really is no understating just how impressive the visual experience of Centurion is. The online slot will set the scene of a quaint, calm, and serene Roman town. The background of the slot may be calm and collected, but the on-reel action certainly isn’t. As well as the chance to win significant amounts of money by spinning the reels you will be dazzled at the animations which really light up your screen as you watch the action unfold before your eyes.

While you may be able to take a trip to the city of Rome now, the landscape has changed, and its irrefutable that the landscape isn’t as picturesque as it used to be. So, there’s no easier way to step back into time and feel a part of the history, at the same time as winning yourself some serious cash!

If Inspired Gaming is known for anything, it is how vivid and crisp their graphics look, this is the case whether you are playing on mobile or on your laptop or desktop. The game has been fully optimised to look stunning and work seamlessly on any device.

You will be able to choose whether or not you want to play with the soundtrack, we advise that you keep it on and enjoy the noises of the chaos of war, with vocal horses in the background to the sound of jubilant trumpets should you be lucky enough to strike a win, and chances are you will be considering that the return to player rate is 95%, which isn’t the highest, but what you have compromised with the return to player rate will be compensated through the amount of bonus features which Centurion offers you.

The animations will only really tend to hot up if you are lucky enough to trigger one of the bonus rounds, but all throughout the game you will appreciate just how well the colour scheme is. The bright, light and warm colours of the online slot make it all too appealing to slip into the game for hours.

Every now and again, you’ll see the Centurion animated mascot popping up to cheer you on when you are entering the bonus rounds, otherwise, you’ll see the plinths which are already starting to wear down with time and be surrounded by ivy. However, the carpet is still rolled out over the stone steps which lead up to a hidden building. The most stunning aspect of this game is the sky, the sun remains hidden, but there is no denying that it brightens up the game.

The reels manage to squeeze in between two roman colours giving the game an almost 3D effect. The 5 reels are separated by thin silver lines, whereas the reels will be left open. The balance is clearly visible so you can keep an eye on it at the top, and you’ll also be able to view your stake amount with the option to increase or decrease your stake amount without leaving the game.

You will also have the ability to play Centurion on autoplay mode on your mobile or laptop. Simply set how many spins you would like to make in one go and watch the fun and interactive symbols light up as they match.

If you’re looking to explore the peaceful side of Rome and don’t happen to have a TARDIS handy, there really is no better option than Centurion.

While some of the symbols in the online slot are the standard alphabet symbols, there are also plenty of other Roman-related symbols to really make the online slot exciting.

Q, J, and K will all represent the lower value symbols on Centurion.

Q, K & J Symbols:
3 matched = 4* coins
4 matched = 20* coins
5 matched = 200* coins

While the higher symbols will be represented by:

The Chariot
3 matched = 40* coins
4 matched = 160* coins
5 matched = 400* coins

A Centurion Symbol
2 matched = 4* coins
3 matched = 50* coins
4 matched = 200* coins
5 matched = 500* coins

Pair of Swords
3 matched = 8* coins
4 matched = 40* coins
5 matched = 300* coins

The Colosseum
3 matched = 20* coins
4 matched = 80* coins
5 matched = 400* coins

Roman Era Coin
3 matched = 8* coins
4 matched = 40* coins
5 matched = 300* coins

Centurion Helmet
3 matched = 8*
4 matched = 40*
5 matched = 300*

Then there are also other special symbols to look out for in the Centurion online slot!

Bonus Features

Now you know what to look out for with the standard symbols, we’ll run you through the bonus features which earned Centurion it’s titles of one of the best online slots around right now. Amigo Slots customers can’t get enough of the fast-paced action which is never hesitant to reward the players with generous cash prizes.

The two special symbols to Centurion include the Wild Card which is represented by the very noticeable Golden Wreath symbol. As with many online slot games, the wild card in this game has the ability to replace all of the other symbols on the reels which will help you to join together more winning combinations.

The second special symbol is the centurion, which not only has the ability to reward you with instant cash in the main game play, but it can also, trigger the bonus round!

Whenever you think of the Roman empire, you think of luxury, abundance, and a lavish lifestyle, so, it’s only natural that Centurion would have some spare treasure hiding beneath the ruins to treat you to when you spin the reels on this online slot. The major wins in this game are made through the bonus round and features. You may only be able to grab up to 500* coins in the main gameplay, but Scientific Games really amped up the generosity with the bonus rounds.

Wheel Spin Feature

The Wheel Spin feature enters you into a wheel of fortune-style round which will present you with four different rewards which are up for grabs. The rewards include 4 different games which you will need to play along with to cash out with a significant win.

Prizes on Parade Bonus Round

You’ll see 3 centurions with shields, one has a multiplier, one has an arrow, and one has the collect option. Hit ‘Stop’ on the desired shield. The multiplier will give you an instant prize based on your stake amount, the arrow will move you to the next while the collect will end the game for you.

Caesar’s Free Spins Bonus Round

Okay, Caesar may not have given out many free spins back in the day, but in the Centurion slot he does, and he’s got a fair few to give away. The amount of free spins which you will be rewarded with depends on how many are granted to you by the wheel. There are also multipliers up for grabs in the free spins round.

Road to Rome Bonus Round

The Road to Rome Bonus round is more of a digital dice game. You’ll need to more your centurion across the path before him by rolling the dice and hoping for high numbers. The further he goes, the greater size multipliers he can pick up along the way. The round will end once the number of rolls you were granted at the start of the game ends. In this round, you’ll want to make it all the way to the end, or land on the square which says ‘Go to Rome’ in the centre of the path. If this happens, a prize will be randomly allocated.

Wild Power Spins Bonus Round

Last but certainly not least is the Wild Power Spins bonus round which will give you 3* free spins on a reel grid where the first two are completely made up of wild symbols, on the second reels you’ll see two wild symbols and, one wild symbol on the third.

Now we’ve ran through the bonus rounds, we’ll go through the reel modifiers which can crop up at any point during the gameplay.

You’ll be able to spot the reel modifiers spring into action by the sound of the Centurion’s trumpet. When you hear the trumpet blare you will know that a randomly allocated multiplier is on its way to you!

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Inspired Gaming

Inspired Gaming logo

Now you know what the Centurion slot is all about, we will introduce you to the game developer behind the slot! Inspired Gaming opened their doors back in 2002 in Central London, putting the best UK talent together to create innovatively leading games. There may have only been ten of them when the company was founded, but now, Inspired gaming employs hundreds of developers and other staff members who have worked tirelessly to create cutting-edge slots which Amigo Slots are proud to host. Now, they are a global games tech company specialising in mobile gaming and server-based gaming systems. Which explains why their most popular slots are so enjoyable on mobile. In total, Inspired Gaming is responsible for operating over 30,000 digital gaming services, and supplying over 100 websites like Amigo Slots with their remarkable in-house content.

They may not have been around for as long as a few of the other leading online slot game developers, however, they’ve broken ground all across the globe with the first jurisdictions which they conquered being China and Italy. Now, their games are enjoyed in over 35 different gaming jurisdictions worldwide.

Their most popular online slot games currently include: Super Fruits Joker, Spin Doctor, Super Fire 7s, Maximus Payus, Gold Cash, Diamond Gems, and Chief along side the perpetually popular Centurion.

Here’s what Inspired Gaming had to say about their most popular slot game yet:

Centurion has been our strongest new game launch in the last two years. It’s a testament to the team strength and what you can achieve when you bring best-in-breed expertise together. Players today increasingly want and expect strong omnichannel gaming content – Centurion delivers this in spades.

Similar & Related Games to Centurion

If even after we have gone through the bonus features you still feel as though Centurion isn’t the right online slot for you. We’ve looked at some of the best alternatives from Inspired Gaming which may be more suited to your personal preferences. We host many of the games which are available to play in free mode by visiting the Inspired Gaming website.

But in case you need a helping hand in picking out another slot, we’ve selected the best two.

Maximum Payus by Inspired Gaming: Maximum Payus is one of Inspired Gaming’s later releases, the online slot was brought out in November 11 and it is even more visually spectacular. In terms of gameplay, not all too much has been changed, the return to player rate still stands at 95% and there’s a med-high level variance. The 5 x 4 slot offers tonnes more bet ways than you got to play with on Centurion. With 1024 bet ways you will be spoilt for choice. The maximum coin jackpot with Maximum Payus is 42,000*, and you can be sure that you’ll have a lot of fun as you spin the reels with Inspired Gaming’s tendency to pack in plenty of action through the animations.

Centurion Free Spins by Inspired Gaming: As you can expect, Centurion Free Spins is modelled on the original Centurion online slot. The slot was released in 2016 and has the same number of bet ways, and the same return to player rate as the original. However, Inspired Gaming have got a little more generous with the jackpot amount with Centurion Free spins, as they have allowed it to stand at 250,000* coins. Not bad! There are a few more free spins with this version of the game which sees an improvement in the gameplay experience for some reel spinners. However, for some, the original is still the classic.

Similar Mobile Slotss (not made by Eyecon)

There are definitely no shortage of historical and Roman inspired online slots available to play today. In fact, there are 95 different online slots dedicated to Rome alone! But we’ve put together a list of games which will help you to switch up the gameplay experience which Inspired Gaming offered.

Here are the top two available to play online today:

Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt: Gonzeo’s Quest is an online slot which is iconic in every sense of the term. It may have been released in 2013, but it is still one of the most played slots online today. The 5 x 3 reels offers the same amount of bet lines as centurion with a slightly lower jackpot amount at 62,500* coins. The 3D animations to Gonzo Quest saw the online slot gain an almost cult following due to the high amount of action you are presented with as soon as you load up the reels. The best part of this online slot is the cascade wins which really mix up the gameplay experience.

Coins of Egypt by Net Ent : Yep, another NetEnt game makes the list with their 2018 release of Coins of Egypt, with this online slot, you will be surrounded by the allure of gold as you spin the 5 x 3 reels which operate across 20 different bet lines and offer a maximum jackpot amount of 30,000* coins. Expect plenty of free spins, and even more scatters and wilds to appear on the reels.

Centurion Slot on Mobile

As we mentioned before, there really is no competition when it comes to Inspired Gaming online slots when it comes to mobile gaming experiences. The games are created with the mobile player in mind. Even though the highly visual game packs in plenty of high-octane content, as long as your mobile or handheld device has the capability to support a HTML5 game you’ll be able to spin the reels from wherever you are.

Some games can look or translate ineffectively when used in landscape or portrait mode, but however you play Centurion, you know you’re in for a stellar gaming experience.

Centurion News

After the release of Centurion in 2015, it was shortlisted for the Game of the Year Award by AGR Gaming. Here’s what the Chief product officer had to say about being shortlisted for the prize:

We are thrilled that Centurion has been recognised for Game of the Year. We are incredibly proud of how, with William Hill, we have developed a game that has cut through the crowded market and become its own brand that players now trust and keep going back too for fantastic entertainment.

*Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: New players Only, £10 Min fund, £1,000 Max Bonus, Max Bonus Conversion equal to lifetime deposits up to £250. 65x Wagering requirements and Full T&C's Apply.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.