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Fruit Collector Mobile Slot

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Fruit Collector Mobile Slots UK


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Fruit Collector Mobile Slots

 Fruit Collector is a 5 reel UK mobile slots with a traditional design, a betway pattern of 10 fixed paylines and a medium variance rating of 95.9% Return to Player. This game includes some bonus features such as multipliers, a respin bonus round and a symbol collection feature. Play this exciting UK Mobile Slots and over 700 more of the best games here at Amigo Slots casino. 

Fruit Collector Game Info
RTP 95.9%
Features Multiplier, Respins, Symbols Collection
Developer Core Gaming
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 10 Paylines

Game Summary

 Fruit Collector is a fairly traditional mobile slots design, with classic fruit symbols and basic bonus rounds to maintain some casino nostalgia at this modern casino. This game was basically designed for anyone who wants to play a Vegas style slot machine from the comfort of their own home, all with new cutting edge visuals by modern slot developers.

In terms of variance, this game is pretty basic with a 95.9% RTP rating, which is the standard metric for all mobile slots to give players a fair chance of winning at this online casino, without making things too easy or difficult for players. Variance is essential to take into consideration when choosing a slot to play - there are higher variance games than this slot, which may be a better option, but this game does offer strong payouts and bonuses alongside a medium variance which can be quite hard to find.

Fruit Collector Mobile Setup

This mobile slots has a unique betting range which designs this game to a certain player style and strategy. Firstly, you can play this slot from £0.10 which is one of the cheaper minimum stakes offered by all games at this online casino, which does give this slot an advantage as players can enjoy this fruit machine game from a small, risk free bet. This game does give players some freedom to place bets up to a maximum limit of £60 per spin - this does give you some free reign to choose your own betting style, but there are much higher limits available at this online casino which does give this game a slight restriction in comparison.

Fruit Collector is created to bring some casino classic nostalgia, featuring modern versions of all the old fashioned fruit symbols lemons, cherries, plums and bonus symbols such as lucky sevens. There is nothing particularly unique about this design, with just 5 reels and symbols that we have all seen before. That being said, this slot is well developed with HD visuals and modern design features which allow this slot to be accessed across a range of compatible devices, at this online casino. 

Bonus Features

Payouts, Symbols & Jackpots

 As you may have guessed, Fruit Collector is designed by NetEnt to be a classical fruit machine slot, which offers plenty of colour and famously traditional fruit symbols which we have all seen before. This UK mobile slots does feature some nice jackpots and payouts, with the usual variation across each symbol value and bonus feature rewards - as in all slots, this game features higher payouts in the bonus features due to the various multipliers offered in this game. This slot does feature various multiplier boosts such as 2x and 3x your win, which are only available in the bonus rounds and can double or even treble your payout at this online casino.

The highest possible win of this slot is a huge 3,650 times your stake which is a fairly high standard payout. This jackpot win can offer up to £219,000 - to win this from a stake of just £60 is incredible, which gives this game a nice advantage by offering some huge potential wins from a fairly low stake. Overall, the payouts available in this game are fairly strong. However, of course, not all payouts are this impressive and there are payouts as low as 1x and 2x your stake for the lower value fruit symbols. For the maximum wins of this game, keep your eyes peeled for the bonus symbols such as lucky sevens and stars, as these will provide the jackpot wins and even access to special bonuses too. 

The Bonus Features

 When you first look at Fruit Collector and its traditional fruit machine slot, you can almost assume that this game would not feature any bonus features. This game pleasantly surprises with various bonus symbols and modifiers thrown in for good measure. There are multipliers, re-spins and a symbol collection feature to make the most of which can boost your chances of winning and also offer much higher payouts up to 3,650 times your stake which is otherwise not available in the main game. The Respin Feature of this slot is activated if you manage to gather 6 of the cash basket symbols, one of the bonus symbols in this game which is high in value.

The twist is that these bonus symbols only land on reels 1 to 4. When this is triggered, these high value symbols will lock into place and a respin will be rewarded, which hopefully triggers a jackpot payout. There is also a Symbol Collection feature, which gives this mobile slots its unique name, which allows players to build symbols to activate bonus features - this includes a meter at the side of the reel which, once, filled, will bring the benefit of special bonuses and potential payouts. As well as these key features, this slot also uses all of the usual wild and scatter bonus symbols throughout the game to keep things interesting. 

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Core Gaming

Core Gaming logo

 Core Gaming created Fruit Collector as one of their many basic, traditional modern slots with special bonus tweaks. Core Gaming know exactly how to make popular slots through flexible designs and development features which allow them to be enjoyed on the go and at home. For similar slots to this game, try 3 Fruits Win 10 Lines Adjacent Mobile Slots Game by Playson, Fruit Spin and Fruits & Jokers 100 Lines UK Slot which are some other classic fruit machine style slot which is also available at