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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Mobile Slot

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Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Mobile Slots


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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Mobile Slots

Snag the 500x multiplier in the sequel to Rainbow Riches, which offers a dizzying amount of bonus features on the 5 reel slot game with 20 bet lines!
Amigo Slots are proud to host Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix along with hundreds of other Mobile Slots such as ‘Star Burst’ ‘Fluffy Favourites’ and ‘Bonanza’!

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Game Info
RTP 98%
Features Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, Wild
Developer Barcrest
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 20 Paylines

No matter how many online slots come out, Rainbow Riches will always be an iconic game, sure, it may seem a little dated now If you compare the graphics to some of the other slots coming from top game designers. But, you’ll notice that through the follow up games, not all that much has been done to jazz up the graphics. In fact, Barcrest have kept the layout to the game fairly standard. Instead, all of the innovation has gone into ensuring that Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix gives you a brand-new gaming experience through the bonus features.

Game Summary

If you get tired of bonus features easily, Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is the perfect game for you.
There aren’t all too many slot games which give you the ability to tailor make the gameplay experience to suit your own playing style. There are not one, but five different types of bonus rounds which you can choose from, which we will run through in more detail down below.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve spent a fair amount of time playing the original Rainbow Riches game and you’re looking to see what the sequel game offers. Prepare to be blown away with what Barcrest cooked up with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix.

From the second you load up the game, you will get the impression that you’re in for a totally different gameplay experience. You’ll be asked to select which bonus features you would like to play with. You’ll get to choose three out of the five options presented to you. Once you’ve chosen these, the trigger cards or symbols will appear in your normal gameplay experience. You’ll need to land three or more to enjoy the bonus rounds and hope to grab the 500x multiplier which, lets face it, that’s the reason why many people play online slot machines; the chance to get your hands on a life-changing sum of money.  Just how much money you can win with the 500x multiplier will depend on how much you have put down as your original stake, rather than Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix offering a standard jackpot amount. However, Barcest have been fairly lenient with the betting ranges, which has allowed high rollers (or should that be spinners?) the ability to put down a significant amount of cash on their spins and be handsomely rewarded.

Every time you see Barcrest’s name next to a new release, you can be sure that they have put all of their advanced talent and tech into ensuring that they provide cutting-edge online games – this is just one of the reasons why we are so keen at Amigo Slots to feature their easy to integrate titles.

Whether you’re looking to play Rainbow Riches on mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you definitely won’t be disappointed with the gameplay experience you are presented with. Simply log onto Amigo Slots and enjoy the slot on the device of your choosing. With Barcrest, the mobile version of the game is never afterthought to the web version. Instead, they have been optimised to work well with Apple and Android devices. All you’ll need is a connection to the internet to really enjoy the authentically Irish game which they have offered.

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Mobile Setup

Love it or hate it, the traditional Irish music is back with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, while no one can deny that it certainly sets the scene, it can also become fairly annoying, so don’t fear the mute button on this online slot – even if you will miss out on the magical sound effects as the reels spin and you watch the symbols line up and your coin balance grow.

You may even be able to spot the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix slot on a land-based slot machines. Slot games may have spent a lot of time moving away from the traditional one-armed bandits. But, Barcrest have found a way to integrate their games back into entertainment complexes. Now you’ll see Rainbow Riches in pubs, restaurants, and other leisure centres.

The standard gameplay to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is fairly simple, it’s a 5 x 3 grid slot. Before you place your bet, you will get to decide how many bet lines you would like to play across. With this online slot, you will only get to choose from 20 different bet lines. Whilst that isn’t the highest, it certainly isn’t the lowest either. Some of the more classic online slots only offer one. However, if that’s not enough for you, there are also other options in the Rainbow Riches series of online slots which offer you over 200 different bet lines.

As we said before, visually, Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix paints the same visual picture as Rainbow Riches, so don’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a major rework here. You’ll be greeted by the same charming Leprechaun which you saw with the original, the background is also the same; depicting an Irish meadow. The reels take up a lot of the space on the screen, so there isn’t a lot of room for anything to be happening behind the reels, but if you like your graphics light and breezy, you will definitely find no problems with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix.

Place your stakes from 20p all the way up to £500 with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, while Amigo Slots advocates safe and responsible online gaming, we also like to give our players to the option to get a little more daring with their stake amounts. There are plenty more online slots on Amigo Slots which cap the betting amount if you don’t feel that Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix for you. If you choose to play from the minimum betting amount, you can still work your way up to significant amounts of cash thanks to the free spins, and multipliers.

Irish charm has been laced into every aspect of this online slot game; there’s probably no easier way to be transported by the quaint landscape of the Emerald Isle, where the locals are thought to exude luck, and never to be all too far away from those life-changing pots of gold and leprechauns which will lead them to them. Although the leprechauns may not be as charming as the leprechaun you will find in Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix; mythology has it that they weren’t all too friendly, and you would only get a chance to steal his gold if you had captured him first! Originally, leprechauns were shoe makers, just how they managed to get hold of such significant amounts of cash is baffling.

With the Rainbow Riches series, it may take you a while to find which of the series is best for you, there’s no shame in preferring the original, or the earlier releases, but out of all of the recently released games by Barcrest, it is Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix which has kept people talking. We’ve detailed the pros and cons of the different slots down below to make it easier for you to choose the right one for you.

The variance with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix has been rated as medium; which is the same as with the original. The symbols on the online slot have also been kept the same. While many online slots feature special symbols which run in accordance to the theme, with this slot, they have chosen to go with the standard numbers and letters. The only themed symbols you will get to see on the reels are the trigger symbols for the bonus rounds, wilds, and scatter symbols.

Now, let’s move onto the most exciting aspect of the slot – the bonus features!

Bonus Features

The bonus features are where Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix really gets exciting. Through most of them, you will see the usual cheery, leprechaun character leading the way through the bonus rounds. We’ll move onto them in a short while, but first, we will introduce the Big Bet feature.

If you have played any of the other slots by Barcrest such as Monopoly Big Event, you may have already come across this feature which allows you to put your faith in the luck of the Irish as you put down £20 or £30 for the chance of getting your hands on some big rewards.

You’ll get to choose between two Big Bet games.

Big Bet Game 1: 5 Big bet Spins + 1x multiplier which will grow 1x with each spin.
Big Bet Game 2: A wheel of fortune-style round where each win can see a 5x multiplier applied to it.

Making the bit Bet games even bigger is the role which the wild symbols play in this round – given their sticky nature, they’ll stick around to enhance your reward amount!

The Big Bet rounds run separately to the five main bonus features to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix. If you have played the original game, you may already be aware of the bonus features, if not, we’ve covered them all in more details down below. As we stated earlier, before you start to spin the reels, you will get to choose three out of the give bonus features. Make sure you choose carefully! However, each of the bonus round gives you roughly the same benefits, as most will eventually lead you to the 500x multiplier which most players are here for.

The Road to Riches Bonus Feature

3 or more Road to Riches symbols will open the door to the Road to Riches Bonus feature.
3 symbols will allow you to play the feature and depend on your luck to lead you through the game.
4 symbols will give you additional multipliers as you work your way through the Road to Riches Bonus features.
5 symbols won’t leave anything to chance! You may as well start celebrating as soon as you see them as you will receive the 500x multiplier.
But remember, that ever-alluring multiplier is still to play for if you only land three or four of the trigger symbols.

The Pots of Gold Bonus Feature

Spot three or more Pot of Gold triggers to enjoy this bonus feature.
Three or four of the trigger symbols will present you with a different screen where you will see bronze, silver and gold pots spinning on the screen.
Yet again, five of the Pots of Gold symbols will leave nothing to chance and instantly reward you with the generous 500x multiplier.
If you only get three or four of the symbols on the screen, you will have to choose the right pot which is hiding the 500x multiplier.

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

Who doesn’t love free spins? The original Rainbow Riches made the mistake of leaving free spins out of the gameplay experience, to the disdain of many of the players. The rules are as easy as they are with the bonus features which we have already covered. However, it matters with this bonus features where the trigger symbols land. They will need to land on reels one, three and five.

3 matched symbols = 10 free spins
4 matched symbols = 20 free spins
5 matched symbols = 30 free spins

Barcrest have gone the extra mile with their Free spins bonus feature, as they didn’t just cap it at a max of 30 free spins. You will have the ability to win even more free spins when you are in the free spins bonus feature. You can grab yourself up to 60 free spins. As most of the other bonus features to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix are pretty much the same, we advise players to always choose the Free Spins features to mix up the gameplay, however, if you’ve got your eyes fixed on the 500x multiplier prize, feel free to leave the free spins feature out of your initial selection.

The Cash Crop Bonus Feature

The Cash Crop Bonus Feature runs a little differently to all of the other bonus features which we have covered up to now.
To activate the Cash Crop Bonus feature, simply find 3+ of the trigger symbols. Then, you’ll find yourself presented with a grid of 50 spinning coins. Once they’ve had their final spin and you’ve made your selection, they will reveal themselves to be blank, or packing a tidy multiplier which will be applied to your original stake amount. You’ll be given three goes at the Cash Crop Bonus features, on the first and second, you will be able to collect, or play again. If you’re brave enough to play into the third round, you may be able to get a 10x multiplier.

Magic Toadstool Bonus Feature

Entering into the Magic Toadstool game is just as easy as with the other bonus rounds.
5 toadstool triggers will automatically grant you the 500x multiplier which will be applied to your original bet amount.
If you land three or four of the Magic Toadstool Bonus Triggers, you will have to work for your multiplier, by entering a different game, which will show you 24 magic toadstools on a 6 x 4 grid. You will be able to choose three of the toadstools for a chance to find yourself the biggest multiplier of the game. But behind the some of the toadstools lies a fairy, the fairy’s will grant you with more picks and extend the game beyond the original three pics you were given which can allow you to win a significant multiplier.

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Barcrest

Barcrest logo

The Rainbow Riches series may be what Barcrest are known for, but there is plenty more to the company which has been around since way before the first online slot machine was born! There may have been a lot of changing of hands of the company, but no matter how many sales and acquisitions, they will see, their commitment to creating exceptional content never changes. Scientific Gaming got their hands on Barcrest in 2011. Which was a pretty big deal, because who are Scientific Games? They are a global leader providing customised gaming solutions worldwide. So, for Barcrest to be acquired by them was a pretty big deal! The partnership allowed Barcrest to make sure games such as Thai Flower, Snow Leopard, Monopoly Big Event, Cash Stax, Action Bank and 7s to Burn known to the world.

Although they may have been conquering the online slot world in recent years, the company has been around since 1968 creating gaming solutions for casinos in the form of one armed bandits and bingo games. Their reputation proceeded them all across Europe for their land-based gaming solutions. Yet, the company is more popular than ever after their commitment to creating classically enjoyable online slots.

Their first titles were released in early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2006 when they really changed the landscape of the online slot world with the release of Rainbow Riches.

Here’s how they summed up Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix:

Without a doubt this is Barcrest's most feature friendly game, if you enjoy playing the original then you will love this increased action packed Pick n Mix version. The game has been very well designed both graphically and in terms of sounds and music. The jackpot can be won in many different ways and even more than once per session if you are lucky enough. Landing full screens is possible or simply land 5 of the same bonus symbols to be awarded 500x your stake!!

With a little luck you can successfully Pick n Mix your way to multiple jackpots!

Similar & Related Games to Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

You’re going to be spoilt for choice if you are looking for alternatives to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, we’ve highlighted all you need to know to make an informed choice on which online slot is the best option for you!

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours 2018: 5 x 3 reel slot, 97.7% return to player rate, 10 bet lines, and a cash jackpot win of 250,000 coins. Expect a very similar game to the original.

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold 2018: Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold may just be the best in the series yet with a 97.75% RTP, 5 x 4 reel set up and a whopping 200 different bet lines to try and win the 250,000 coin jackpot on – you’ll also have plenty of chances to win through the bonus features. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold features on the list of four games which were predicted to elevate SG’s portfolio.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold 2016: Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold offers a return to player rate of 96% 100 different bet lines to grab the 250,000 jackpot. With this online slot, you will get not one, but two sets of slots which will spin at the same time. Reel grid number one is comprised of 5 reels and 4 rows. Reel grid number two will give you a longer set of reels with a 5 x 12 grid. Don’t worry, you’ll get the same bonus features and free spins too!

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home 2018: Yet again, Home Sweet Home isn’t all too different from the original; 97.75%, 5 reels, 250,000 coin jackpot, and 50 fixed betting ways. It’s a pretty good, solid, all round slot, which will come with plenty of perks in the form of bonuses.

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix News

Even though in no way is Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix gendered, it has been found that it is the 2nd most favoured online slot for women which was reported by Casinopedia.