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Thunder Reels Mobile Slots


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Thunder Reels Mobile Slots

Thunder Reel is a UK Mobile Slots developed by Playson, featuring a neon theme with 5 reels and 3 rows. Thunder Reel is a medium variance Mobile Slots which offers a 95.95% Return to Player Rating, giving players 9 paylines to work with in the fixed betway pattern. Thunder Reel also comes with some huge jackpot prizes, with minimal bonus features aside from the usual wild symbols included. You can try Thunder Reel at Amigo Slots, an online casino full of 700+ Mobile Slots with a welcome offer available to new players to receive 500 free spins on your first deposit!

Thunder Reels Game Info
RTP 96.13%
Features Reels doubling
Developer Playson
Reels 3 Reels
Paylines 5 Paylines

Thunder Reel is a more simplified, classical style UK Mobile Slots. There are no fancy bonus games or features, just a straightforward main game with some pretty high payouts available. If you are uninterested with complex bonus games and simply want a basic Mobile Slots which offers strong payouts, then Thunder Reel is for you. That being said, if you prioritise bonus features and want a Mobile Slots which offers free spins, then you will not enjoy Thunder Reel.

Game Summary

 Playson have designed Thunder Reel to offer eye-catching visuals similar to Las Vegas casinos, with neon lights and a dark background to create an authentic casino slot. Thunder Reel is laid out to appear as all usual slots too, with a 5x3 reel design which is clearly displayed to offer an easy gameplay, at this online slots casino. Thunder Reel is complete with 9 paylines in total, which is slightly limited as far as other modern Mobile Slots go - although, this is a more traditional betway pattern which you are more likely to find in a real slot game in an authentic casino. It seems that Playson have really tried, and succeeded, in creating Thunder Reel tone as authentic as possible which is a nice change from the many complex Mobile Slots which are available to play in the modern day.

Overall, Thunder Reel is described as a medium variance Mobile Slots with a RTP saying of 95.95% at this online casino - this rating is very average and offers a simple UK Mobile Slots which is neither too complex or too easy when it comes to winning a cash payout. The betway pattern and volatility of Thunder Reel combine nicely to give this neon Mobile Slots a slight challenge, whilst offering a fair chance of winning to players of this slot. Easily the most appealing part of Thunder Reel has to be the payouts - the strong, higher than average payouts available in this Mobile Slots are exactly why this game is so popular. There are no unique bonus features and nothing too out-there in terms of design, so Playson have captured a lot of attention through the huge jackpot prizes up for grabs.

Thunder Reel boasts a jackpot of up to 10,000x your stake which is much higher than the average payout for Mobile Slots, giving this slot a huge advantage over many other games at this online casino. With this jackpot in mind, the maximum payout available in Thunder Reel is a whopping £90,000 which is a huge return by any standards - although this payout is a rarity in the game, even offering a payout of this volume interests many players at this online casino. You can play Thunder Reel from £0.25 and bet up to £90, offering a fairly flexible betting range which gives players freedom to use their own usual strategy, attracting plenty of variations of players to this Mobile Slots. It is important to point out that in order to win the maximum possible payout of Thunder Reel, you do need to bet with the maximum stake as your original bet directly influences your payouts. Overall, Thunder Reel is a straightforward Mobile Slots with some brilliant payouts available - no bonus games or special features, just a simple Mobile Slots with a few high value wild symbols thrown in!

Thunder Reels Mobile Setup

Thunder Reel is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring the basic format of 5 reels and 3 rows, with a very simplified betway pattern. Thunder Reel offers a dark background contrasted with neon symbols, creating an authentic casino feel which replicates real slot machines. Thunder Reel’s symbols are slightly more random, with pints of beer, hotdogs and other exclusive symbol designs thrown across the reel. Thunder Reel is a fantastic Mobile Slots for beginner players or anyone who prefers a basic design, as each bonus symbol is clearly labelled with ‘wild’ or ‘scatter’ to ensure you don’t miss a beat! Thunder Reel is compatible with mobile, desktop and tablet devices due to the HTML5 compatibility of this Mobile Slots.

Bonus Features

If you are seeking bonus features and games, you will certainly not find it in Thunder Reel. Playson have created Thunder Reel to be as simple and real as possible, replicating real casino games found in authentic casino environments. Thunder Reel does not offer any bonus games or free spins, which is either an advantage or disadvantage depending on what you prefer. Thunder Reel does offer some huge payouts, which completely eliminates the need for additional bonus rounds.

Thunder Reel offers Straightforward concept of simply spinning the reel and hoping for the best, with payouts up to 10,000x or £90,000 available as the impressive jackpot! Thunder Reel does include wild and scatter symbols throughout the game, to add a little extra bonus addition to the Mobile Slots without making things too complex. If you want a nicely designed UK Mobile Slots with no bonus features and some huge payouts which exceed other slots, then you need to try Thunder Reel.

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Playson

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Thunder Reel is designed and developed by Playson, developers who tend to use the simple style of development as we have seen in the Mobile Slots UK. If you prefer the more traditional style of development with some huge payouts up for grabs, try other Playson slots such as Imperial Fruits: 40 Lines Mobile Slots Game which is also available at!