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White Wizard Mobile Slots


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White Wizard Mobile Slots

Amigo Slots are proud to present Eyecon’s most magical UK Mobile Slots yet! White Wizard will take you on a journey of the wizarding world behind the 5 x 3 set up offering 25 ways to win, and a return to player rate of 95.54% There are hundreds of free spins up for grabs, and the ability to win up to 3000x your original stake amount!

White Wizard Game Info
RTP 94.9%
Features Free Spins, Wild, Scatter symbols
Developer Eyecon
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 25 Paylines

Have a favourite White Wizard? Dumbledore? Gandalf? They may get knocked off the top spot after you check out White Wizard from Eyecon Gaming. Eyecon always have a brilliant way of creating imaginative slots, and they definitely pulled out all of the stops when it came to White Wizard, which is still one of their most popular online slot games you can play today.

White Wizard was first released in 2016, however, there are two sequels to the original now! Yet, even they don’t match the levels of popularity which the original one enjoys.

Game Summary

Wizards have been trending for a while, so it was only a matter of time before Industry-leading game developers brought out an online slot to celebrate the excitement which wizards have conjured in contemporary culture.

Even though White Wizard hasn’t quite reached the same heights of popularity of Fluffy Favourites yet, that’s not to say that the gameplay isn’t as friendly, cuddly and immersive. The game invites you over to the White Wizard’s gaff, where you will get a good idea of what life for a Wizard is all about. It would seem that Harry Potter gave us a fairly good impression of what life as a Wizard is like. There’s plenty of cauldrons, wands, spell books, and unicorns. Not to mention there is a dragon to help make the gameplay even more exciting. Eyecon have even been able to make the dragon cuddly!

Even though Eyecon have never really gone all out in terms of the visual experience and graphics, they certainly have with White Wizard. Their attention to detail moves away from the breezy and light style and right into high definition characters who are all too easy to fall in love with.

By this point, we’ve been pretty presumptuous assuming that you are well acquainted with the wizarding world. So, just in case you are totally new to the world of wizardry we’ll give you a little run down on just how it works.

Wizards are mythical entities who possess the gift of magic – very much in the same way that witches are, they are often also referred to as warlocks; yet there are plenty of different depictions of them throughout historic and contemporary culture. Some people even believe that wizards are still real! Maybe someone should tell them that the wizards are never still on the reels of White Wizard! Anyway, with magic, there’s good magic which is referred to as white magic, and there’s bad magic which is referred to as black magic.

White Wizards will be the ones trying to save the world and ease suffering with their powers. While those who are intent in dabbling in the dark arts will use their power only for their own personal gain and the suffering of others. So, it’s a good thing that Eyecon have introduced you to the good guys who in White Wizard. They’ll also try and make life a little better for you too as you spin the reels and have the chance of winning up to 3000x your stake amount! If you were hoping for a darker alternative to White Wizard – we’ve got you covered in the similar games section to this review below. But anyone looking to feel the love and light will appreciate the charismatic and friendly appeal of White Wizard.

There really is no overexaggerating just how graphically pleasing the White Wizard online slot is. They packed in plenty of colour with the vibrant background which utilises pastel colours to ensure the visuals are easy on the eye. With splashes of pink at the top of the screen and a purple to pink background full of cuddly and cute stars, its impossible to think how Eyecon could have improved the background to this slot. It may not have the most magical of themes, but they’ve kept a nice balance between the theme and classic online slot simplicity. And if you have played Eyecon slots before, you will know just how much they like to keep things simple!

The 5 x 3 reel grid will take a comfortable position on the screen and make the most of the space to ensure the symbols are as large as possible. You really wouldn’t want to miss a detail – especially from the most adorable symbols such as the dragon which comes alive when it is involved with a winning combination.

Eyecon are very aware that creating a constantly playing soundtrack is a dangerous move and pretty much the perfect way to have their players reaching for the mute button! So, as with most of their games, they have kept the soundscape to a minimum and you will only hear your speakers blare when you have created a winning combination or are being transported to the bonus round!

White Wizard Mobile Setup

Eyecon found a nice balance when they created White Wizard, they made sure that the theme was enough to move away from classic slots, but not enough so that you will be overly distracted with the theme while you spin the reels. While action-packed online slots may be okay for some, other players just appreciate the hit and spin experience. Which is pretty much what you get from White Wizard which has been designed to be perfect to play for beginners or any one who appreciates a nice and easy gameplay.

As they’ve kept the theming to a minimum, the symbols which you see on the reels are a mix of standard alphabetical and numerical symbols and specially-themed characters. This will help you to know what to expect from every win, instead of constantly guessing what is going to be hitting your coin balance.

All in all, there are twelve different symbols which can appear on the reels on White Wizard.

Ten of these symbols are the standard symbols, which can all win you a different amount of money when matched. The lower-value symbols include:

A & K: 5 matched will win you 500 coins
Q & J: 5 matched will win you 200 coins
9 & 10: 5 matched will win you 100 coins

500 coins from a 5 match win isn’t all too bad, but the specially-themed symbols will win you much, much more when you match 5.

The Cauldron will win you 3000 coins
The spell book will win you 2000 coins
The wand and the unicorn will win you 1000 coins.

So, while the maximum jackpot amount to White Wizard isn’t all too high sitting at 3000x your stake amount, there are still plenty of frequent and big wins to be had with this innovative online slot game. That’s the standard symbols covered, now we will run you through what magic the special symbols to White Wizard offer!

To trigger the bonus round to White Wizard, you’ll need to find the scatter card on the reels. For his game the scatter symbol is potentially the most adorable creature on this reel – the dragon! I wonder how many other games that Eyecon will use a dragon as a scatter symbol for?  

No Eyecon game would be complete without a wild card, and as you were probably wondering when you would see the White Wizard on the reels, we’re about to answer that for you right now! You’ve probably now gathered that the White Wizard is the wild which will be able to substitute any other symbol to help you create more winning combinations. The only symbol which the wild won’t be able to replace is the scatter symbol which triggers the bonus round. Although that’s not the only trick up the wizard’s sleeve – the wild in this game will also put a 3x multiplier on every win it’s been a part of! It is fun features such as these along with the 50 / 50 bonus feature which really makes you feel that you get the most out of your stake amount with White Wizard.

The minimum bet amount for White Wizard is set to 25p, whilst you will be able to play with a maximum of £25 every stake amount. If you are looking for lower stake amounts, you may want to consider playing online slot games such as Fluffy Favourites instead. Likewise, you may want to head to another online slot if you are a high roller. But generally speaking, Eyecon like to keep their max stake amounts low.

You’ll have 25 different bet ways to play with. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can bet on all 25, you’ll just need to make sure that you aren’t exceeding your budget!

Bonus Features

Eyecon never pretend to have the biggest and most impressive bonus features – that’s just not their style! Instead, Eyecon are much more well known for keeping their slots enjoyable to play. Which is exactly what you get from White Wizard!

There’re no confusing rules to understand, just one classic bonus round and a nifty extra feature which is totally up to you whether you want to use it or not!

White Wizard Free Spins Bonus Feature

What’s better than the chance of winning money while putting nothing down on a spin? We can’t think of all too many things. Which is why that pretty much every online slot offers a free spin bonus round.

As with most bonus rounds, how many free spins you get is dependent on how many of the Dragon scatter symbols appear on the reels. They can appear anywhere, you’ll just need a minimum of three to unlock the game!

3 dragons will win you 15 free spins

4 dragons will win you 20 free spins

5 dragons will win you 25 free spins

But don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to retrigger the free spins round! You’ll also get to see just how magical the White Wizard is as a Wild too! If he pops up in the free spins bonus round and he’s feeling super generous, he may just turn every single symbol on the reels into a wild! This means massive 4-figure pay outs for you!

White Wizard 50 / 50 Bonus Feature

Yet another staple of Eyecon games is the double or nothing bonus feature, which is also known as the double or nothing feature. It’s simple to use, and there if you need it, although not many people can face the risk of losing the wins that they’ve just cashed out on from matching symbols on the reels.

The feature will pop up every time you win any coins during the main game play. If you choose to activate the feature, you’ll be presented with two options. Pick the right one and you will give your win a boost! You will get to use this feature a maximum of five times – if you dare. If you make a wrong choice during the game you’ll see the amount you won flitter away! But that’s part of the fun, right?

If you’re not overly bowled over by the bonuses and you were looking for an online slot which will really require you to use your brain as you spin, we’ve covered some of the alternatives for you to explore down below, first, we’ll tell you a little about Eyecon and how they make the magic happen!

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Eyecon

eyecon logo

No one can really say for sure who the biggest online slot game provider is, but if any are in the running for the title, it’s certainly Eyecon. But why do online slot game fans love their games so much?

With every game released by Eyecon, their level of dedication is perceptible, even though they have been fairly prolific with their game publishing, they’ve made sure that all the essential elements are included in the slots. They will never make the flashiest or most complex online slots, and that’s why many of our customers at Amigo Slots favour their slot games so much!

The company started out back in 1997, in a time when the world was still figuring out the internet, and it was certainly a time when online slots weren’t as enjoyable and accessible as they were today. So, when Eyecon first opened their doors, they put their ingenious minds together and cooked up a more traditional videogame named ‘Gore’. It’s perceptible that they’ve definitely changed their style when it comes to online slot games! The first online slot which they released was Temple of Isis, which has had a bit of a rebrand since. The 2002 seminal slot is now named Temple of Iris and is still popular on Amigo Slots today!

Even though Temple of Iris was a massive hit, Eyecon didn’t become renown in the slot world until they released the first Fluffy Favourites online slot back in 2006. Fluffy Favourites was the online slot which was responsible for converting many people from land-based slot machine fans to regulars at online casinos such as Amigo Slots!

If you look at all of Eyecon’s games, you’ll notice that there is a huge emphasis on the characters that they create. Everyone fell in love with the raggedy plush toys in Fluffy Favourites, which is why there was such a demand for so many sequels to be released of the game. Other iconic games from Eyecon include Shaman’s Dream, Stampede, and Enchanted Prince. The game developer may not have as many games as Microgaming or Pragmatic play, but their reels are spun over 11,500 times a minute by players all across the world! Even though Eyecon are massively popular in the UK, their popularity doesn’t stop there, their games are played in countless different countries and jurisdictions around the globe. Eyecon did put themselves in the best position for global dominance though as they set their offices up on opposite sides of the world in the Channel Islands and Australia.

Eyecon are incredibly proud of every online slot game which they release – and so they should be! They’re endearing, charismatic, and infinitely enjoyable to play! Here’s how they summed up White Wizard on their website! If you’d like to try out White Wizard in demo mode, this can be done via Eyecon’s website. Just make sure that you head back over to Amigo Slots to take advantage of the free spins we offer along with the other perks!

Go on an enchanting adventure and play White Wizard Slots. The reels are filled with colourful symbols, except of course the shimmering White Wizard himself. You’ll find Unicorns, Magic Wands, Spell Books, Dragons and more across the reels, and the graphics and sounds are simply captivating. Also, the animations are just enough so as not to be distracting or startling. Put on your wizard hat to become immersed in this top slot game today! There’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular games around!

If you’re not quite sold on White Wizard yet, there’s not much more we can say! So, instead, we will run you through some of the alternatives to the magical online Slot!

Similar & Related Games to White Wizard

Eyecon knew that they were onto a winner with White Wizard, which is why they cooked up not one, but two versions to follow on from the success of the online slot! It doesn’t look like the wizarding world will go out of trend any time soon! So Eyecon have definitely made the most out of the experience!

White Wizard Jackpot Online Slot by Eyecon: Eyecon creating jackpot versions of online slots is definitely not new. So, it should come as no surprise that they created one to follow White Wizard. Jackpot versions of games offer the chance for reel spinners to get their hands on massive (and we mean massive) progressive jackpots, instead of there being a fixed amount of money you can win from the game. The jackpot constantly grows as it is being fed into by players all around the world. And with every single spin in the main game, you have the potential to unlock it!! You can expect anything between a 4 and 6-figure number to drop into your coin balance! Then you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. The only drawback to playing with the jackpot version of the online slot is that they are much less volatile as the return to player rate is far lower. With White Wizard Jackpot, you will only get a 89.9% RTP, but there’s also the added bonus of the ‘reel power’ bonus feature. This will allow you to place a bet on each of the 5 reels! There are also some pretty nice multipliers on offer too!

White Wizard Deluxe Online Slot by Eyecon: With White Wizard Deluxe, you will get a slight mix up in the gameplay experience as you got from the original, and we mean slight. This online slot is perfect for anyone who was disappointed with the amount of bet lines which the original offered. While a maximum of 25 bet lines is okay for some, plenty of people asked for more, and that is exactly what they got from White Wizard Deluxe. Practically every other part of the online slot game is the same, with a return to player rate of 95.5%.

Similar Mobile Slots (not made by Eyecon)

If neither of the Eyecon alternatives were suitable we’d also advise you check out Wild Wizards by Saucify and Lucky Wizard by Red Tiger Gaming. The game developers may not be as well established as Eyecon, but there’s a lot to be said about their magical contributions to the online slot world!