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Yin & Yang Mobile Slots


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Yin & Yang Mobile Slots

Looking for a brand-new Asian-themed Mobile Slots game to take a chance on? Look no further than the 2019 release from Leander Gaming and BB Games. Yin & Yang is the debut Mobile Slots game to be born from the collaboration of the two designers, and it is a sure sign of great things to come from the partnership.

Yin & Yang Game Info
RTP 95.3%
Features Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, Wild
Developer BB Games
Reels 3 Reels
Paylines 5 Paylines

If you’re constantly in search of a Mobile Slots game which offers truly innovative features, you’ll definitely appreciate the unique reels in Yin & Yang. Instead of spinning on one set of reels, you’ll be spinning on two 3x3 reel sets, which has been done before in the Rainbow Riches franchise, but what we have never seen before on Amigo Slots is for two separate reel grids to join together and create one massive reel set.

Game Summary

Even though the reels can become bigger in Yin & Yang, you’ll still be playing with the same relatively low number of pay lines. While some players may be put off from a Mobile Slots game which only offers 5 bet lines, the fact that you have the chance to win over 35,000 times your stake will win Yin & Yang plenty of favours.

Another figure which isn’t all too high in Yin & Yang is the RTP which is set to a slightly below average of 95.3%, but even with the lower RTP, there’s still plenty of good reasons why Yin & Yang is one of the most exciting Mobile Slots games of 2019 so far. Sticky wilds will crop up fairly regularly to make sure you see plenty of lucrative wins in Yin & Yang.

Visually, Yin & Yang sets a serene scene, the gameplay will invite you to step inside a stunning garden, you’ll be able to see the sun setting and spilling pink rays into the sky over an authentically oriental landscape. The transparent reels will allow you to drink in plenty of the visual catharsis which Yin & Yang offers. However, with every win, the ambient scene will be interrupted by impressively flashy animations which will help you to retain the excitement with every spin.

Place your stakes on Yin & Yang from 10p or test your luck with the max stake of £5. While we know that’s an incredibly low stake amount, BB Games are dedicated to keeping their online slot games accessible to all Mobile Slots players. The Game developers have set out with the clear motivation to ensure a great mobile experience can be had regardless of how much you throw down on a stake.

On the reels, you will see nine paying symbols including cymbals, lotus flowers, red envelopes, and a very lucrative dragon symbol. Six dragon symbols in a winning line when the reel sets have joined up will treat you to 500 times your stake. As usual, the card suits A through to 10 will act as the lower value symbols. While most game developers don’t pour much thought into the playing card symbols, it is definitely appreciated that the game developer has made sure the design doesn’t detract from the theme.

Bonus Features

While every Mobile Slots game player will have come across a free spins bonus feature before, when it comes to Yin & Yang, BB and Leander games wanted to make sure you were treated to a brand-new experience. To unlock the free spins bonus feature you will need to find two or more bonus yin and yang symbols to appear. As you are playing on two sets of reels in the main mode of play, it doesn’t matter which set of reels you find the bonus symbols on. However, the more bonus symbols you find, the better the free spins bonus round will be.

There are three bonus rounds to unlock, and they will offer you the following;

1 scatter on each reel set unlocks bronze spins which offer you 5 free spins and 2 sticky bonus wilds.
2 scatters on each reel set unlocks silver spins which will offer you 6 free spins and 3 sticky bonus wilds.
3 scatters on each reel set will offer you 7 free spins with 4 sticky bonus wilds.

Once you have been entered into one of the three free spins bonus rounds, you’ll see the separate 3x3 reel sets joining together creating a 6x3 set of reels. This is where all the big wins will happen in Yin & Yang as you are able to create winning lines with up to six symbols.

Naturally, you’ll want to remain in the free spins bonus round for as long as possible. Thankfully, it’s possible to win even more free games while you are spinning for free by finding more scatter symbols. Other symbols which you’ll notice coming into play in the free spins bonus round are the red envelopes which can offer re-spins.

About the Mobile Slots Developer - BB Games

BB Games logo

Leander Games know a thing or two about creating a successful online slot game, so when they teamed up with the brand-new Mobile Slots developer BB Games who have an incredibly fresh approach to Mobile Slots games magical things were always bound to happen.

Yin & Yang is the first Mobile Slots game to be born from the partnership, however, Leander Games have previously created 70+ Mobile Slots titles to immerse yourself in. If you’d like to explore more of their innovative Mobile Slots titles, we’d highly recommend Barry the Force of Nature Online Slot, Disco Leprechaun, Apollo the God of Sun, and Candy Burst Mobile Slots Game.

BB Games may be new to the Mobile Slots world after emerging in 2018, but they’ve already set themselves apart with absolute distinction. We’re sure that it won’t be all too long before they’re standing on their own two feet and releasing Mobile Slots game titles independently from Leander Gaming.