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Fruits'n'Stars Mobile Slot

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Fruits'n'Stars Mobile Slots


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Fruits'n'Stars Mobile Slots

Fruits n Stars is a medium variance Mobile Slots UK, developed by Playson with a 95.72% return to player rate. Fruits n Stars displays a fruit machine theme with 5 reels and 3 rows available, offering a 5 payline system in a fixed betway pattern. Fruits n Stars is a basic UK Mobile Slots with absolutely no bonus features available to access, just strong payouts up to 25,000x your stake! Fruits n Stars is available to play at Amigo Slots with over 700 other hit UK Mobile Slots available to play, offering a welcome gift to new players placing their first deposit of 500 free spins at this online casino.

Fruits'n'Stars Game Info
RTP 95.72%
Developer Playson
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 5 Paylines

If you are tired of complex Mobile Slots and want a break from the complicated bonus rounds which seem to be a part of every UK Mobile Slots today, then you will love Fruits n Stars by Playson. Fruits n Stars is inspired by classical fruit machines which you find in real casinos, one of the first versions of slots which ever existed. It is common for modern developments to form their version of the famous fruit machine slot in a UK Mobile Slots, and Fruits n Stars is Playson’s version!

Game Summary

 Fruits n Stars is as simple and easy to play as Mobile Slots can possibly be, as simple as pressing a button and hoping for the best. The aim of Fruits n Stars is the same as authentic fruit machine slots, which is matching coordinating fruit symbols in the hope to win a payout. Fruits n Stars features the same symbol system as real fruit machines with lower value fruit being melons and lemons, offering a boost in payouts through the special symbols which are lucky sevens. Fruits n Stars is completely stripped from any complex bonus addition, with even no wild symbol included in this Mobile Slots. Fruits n Stars is perfect for beginner slot players as there are no complicated bonus features to distract you, with a simple format of 5x3 reels to keep things straightforward and incredibly easy to play.

Fruits n Stars comes with virtual lever and auto-play features to ensure maximum simplicity and an enjoyable slot gameplay. Fruits n Stars has a medium variance rating of 95.72% which is fairly standard, offering nothing too easy or too difficult when it comes to winning at this game. Fruits n Stars also comes with a total of 5 ways to win, presented in a fixed betway pattern which will not adjust or change - the betways of Fruits n Stars do only pay out to limited directions and reels, which is simply down to the jackpot payouts being so high in this Mobile Slots. The main attraction to Fruits n Stars which cancels out any need for special bonuses or complex additions, is the strong payouts which this game offers.

Fruits n Stars features a maximum win of up to 25,000 times your stake for the highest value lucky sevens symbol of the Mobile Slots - with payouts this high, who needs extra bonus games and multipliers? Of course, Fruits n Stars does not hand out these high jackpots often and in order to win 25,000x your stake you must fill the screen with lucky sevens - this is a rarity, but certainly does come around sometimes which is good to know for players! Other payouts of Fruits n Stars reflect similarities to fruit machine casino games, starting from basic payouts of 20x your stake for fruit symbols and soaring to 1,000x your stake for the lucky sevens special symbols.

To play Fruits n Stars, your stake must be above £0.25 per spin which is the usual cost of Mobile Slots, this bet will determine how much you win and with such a small stake, you will need to access huge multiplier prizes to create a big return. Fruits n Stars allows bets up to a maximum of £100 per spin which makes this UK Mobile Slots appealing to players who intend to bet big for huge returns - it is through this maximum bet which payouts up to £250,000 are made in Fruits n Stars, which is a huge win by any standards.

Fruits'n'Stars Mobile Setup

Fruits n Stars is a basic Mobile Slots which features a similar design to classic fruit machine slots from traditional casinos. Fruits n Stars features all of the usual fruit icons from lemons to cherries, varying in value alongside the famous fruit symbols. Fruits n Stars also includes special symbols such as the casino favourite lucky sevens, which is the highest paying symbol of the entire Mobile Slots. The design of Fruits n Stars is spread across 5 reels and 3 rows, maintaining an accessible format for beginner players and keeping up the simple slot theme. Fruits n Stars gets its name from the inclusion of star symbols which can be found in the reel, which also do not look out of place in a traditional casino game. Fruits n Stars is a basic design without any complex features, making it perfect for beginners. Fruits n Stars is a modern release and is therefore available to play on most mobile , tablet and desktop formats at this online casino.

Bonus Features

Fruits n Stars is a simple UK Mobile Slots which does not feature any additional bonus rounds or features. This may comes a shock to some players, as Playson do enjoy adding strong bonus features in the majority of their popular Mobile Slots. That being said, the lack of bonus features doesn’t seem to affect the strength of Fruits n Stars and this is largely due to the strong payouts available in this slot. Fruits n Stars features a jackpot of 25,000 times your stake which can generate up to £250,000 - that is a quarter of 1 million points! Fruits n Stars does not feature any wild symbols or features, which does make winning this jackpot more of a challenge - but if you are up for this challenge, you will love Fruits n Stars!

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Playson

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Fruits n Stars is by Playson, creative developers behind popular Mobile Slots UK such as Thunder Reels Mobile Slots Game, a similar slot to Fruits n Stars.