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Diamond Hill Mobile Slot

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Diamond Hill Mobile Slots


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Diamond Hill Mobile Slots

 Diamond Hill is a unique diamond shaped UK Mobile Slots with 5 reels, developed by Tom Horn Gaming. Diamond Hill is a high variance Mobile Slots with a Return to Player Rate of 96%, with a total number of 36 ways to win across the unique betway format. This game is also makes use of various bonus features including a Respin Feature, a Cascading Reels Feature and a Wild Multiplier Bonus Feature. Play Diamond Hill at Amigo Slots online casino to browse our extensive collection of 700+ UK Mobile Slots

Diamond Hill Game Info
RTP 96%
Features Avalanche Wins, Multiplier, Respins, Wild
Developer Tom Horn Gaming
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 36 Paylines

Game Summary

Diamond Hill is potentially one of the most unique and exclusively different reel designs at this online slots casino, which is shown in a diamond shaped format with 5 reels and varying row numbers. Diamond Hill is designed to offer something different, completely out of the norms for all other UK Mobile Slots. This game is a high variance Mobile Slots which includes a 96% return to player rate, which is fairly standard as far as slot volatility goes at this online slots casino.

One brilliant advantage to Diamond Hill is the use of 36 ways to win, which is as a result of the unique format which allows plenty of paylines which exceed the usual expectations for a 5 reel Mobile Slots. This thrilling slot also makes use of the popular Cascading Reels feature as one of the key bonus features of this Mobile Slots. Cascading reels are a popular development feature in Megaways slots, which remove all winning symbols to shift each symbol after every winning payline - this is designed to encourage winning streaks and offer a shake up of the reel in the hope of triggering another win after each payout. 

Diamond Hill Mobile Setup

 Diamond Hill is complete with a very unique format, which stretches to 5 reels and fulfils a diamond shape. Unlike any other Mobile Slots you will have seen before, Diamond Hill has varying reels to complete the diamond aesthetic which does give this UK Mobile Slots a slightly more complex reel design in comparison to other slots.

In terms of themes, this online slot has a classic style which features diamond symbols and card royals to fill the reels, with the use of wild symbols to offer bonus feature access. Diamond Hill may look slightly complex at the beginning, but this complicated and unique design is as a result of the many exciting bonus features this Mobile Slots offers. Play Diamond Hill on mobile, tablet and desktop devices at this online casino!

Bonus Features

Multipliers & Jackpots

 Diamond Hill also boasts other fun bonus features such as the Wild Multiplier feature, known for bringing in extra high value payouts through the bonus features of this Mobile Slots. In this game, the wild multiplier bonus feature is automatically activated whenever a wild symbol lands on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, on the same spin - this will trigger the wild multiplier feature and add a random multiplier up to 9x your win which increases your payout buy a great amount, offering higher wins which are exclusive to this bonus feature.

Other bonus features of Diamond Hill include the special Respin feature, which is activated upon any winning payout which uses a wild symbol, which will already award a decent cash payout as well as access to this fun bonus feature. The Respin feature in Diamond Hill locks symbols into place and awards one Respin - this is designed for encourage another high value win, which is essentially a second shot for players to win a jackpot prize which is a great addition to this Mobile Slots. The bonus features are what makes this Mobile Slots so unique and exciting, as they are fairly unique bonus features which are rarely found in modern Mobile Slots.

Diamond Hill offers a variety of payouts which ascend depending on the value of symbol placed and your own original stake - the maximum win is up to 10,000 times your stake which is a huge jackpot in comparison to any Mobile Slots at this online casino; giving this Mobile Slots a great advantage of winning some huge returns. To play Diamond Hill, your stake must be between the suitable range of £0.05 and £500, which gives you all the freedom you could want when placing your stake. This betting range restricts no player as it welcomes all player strategies to pla this game, at this online casino.

Bonus Features & Jackpot Wins

 The first feature to mention in this game is the use of an exceptional jackpot prize which is 10,000 times your stake - this exceeds any jackpot prize at this casino and can offer some very impressive payouts, from even a small bet. Diamond Hill also uses the cascading reel feature which is known to encourage consecutive wins, also making it more likely to win a high value payout at this online casino.

Diamond Hill boasts a Respin feature which uses wild symbols and multipliers to increase your chances of hitting that huge jackpot offered in this Mobile Slots, with multiplier boosts up to 9x your win available to make this win even higher! Diamond Hill uses wild multipliers and respins throughout the game, which bring the benefits when you land a wild symbol on reels 1 and 5 - this is a unique activation method which also gives this game an original edge on other Mobile Slots. 

About the Mobile Slots Developer - Tom Horn Gaming

Tom Horn Gaming logo

 Diamond Hill is developed and designed by Tom Horn Gaming, who usually feature very original designs which are instantly recognisable as their creations. If you enjoy unique designs and original bonus features at this online casino, you will enjoy more UK Mobile Slots by these developers such as Kongo Bongo Mobile Slots Game, Panda’s Run and Sherlock: A Scandal in Bohemia Online Slot, some other exciting theme with equally as exciting bonus features, available to play on most devices at online casino.